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TCI Distributing is a family owned and operated business evolving from our aluminum fence business when we were sourcing out a high-quality gate hardware product for our aluminum gates back in 1996. The best quality and safety hardware we found was D & D Technologies Gate Hardware and in 2006 we launched TCI Distributing and became the first Canadian distributor of these superior D & D Technology gate hardware products.

TCI Distributing sells the gate hardware  Canada wide, our most popular items sold are the award-winning Magna- Latch, Tru-Close hinges, Lokk-Latch magnetic and the Lokk-Latch Deluxe to name just a few. 

D & D Technologies has just launched the new Magna-Latch Alert, it is the first latch to have a working alarm attached, ideal for swimming pool gates to keep our children safe. Another good safety factor with our products is that the self- closing hinges are available for every type of gate and are warranted for a  lifetime. 

Safety Through Innovation

TCI Distributing is proud to bring the most technologically advanced gate hardware products to Canada directly from D&D Technologies, the world leader in progressive gate closure hardware safety and innovation. 

D&D Technologies is based in Australia and for over 25 years have been the world’s leading designer, innovator and manufacturer of gate latches, locks and hinges.

D&D are constantly researching and developing new gate safety products to the world market.  As an official Canadian distributor, we are able to bring you all of the latest D&D products, backed by a level of service and quality in gate hardware and swimming pool safety gate locks that are second to none.

Our Products


Magnetically Latch hardware systems designed to improve child safety around swimming pools, childcare centres, homes and businesses.


Patented designs and tough, engineering polymer construction and stainless steel components bring unparalleled strength, reliability and ease of adjustment.


This is the world’s first and only combined gate latch and electronic alarm system. Features a dual-alarm together with the strength, durability and ease of use of our magnetic gate latches and polymer gate hinges.

Protect Your Family With The Worlds

Best Swimming Pool Safety Locking Systems

Swimming Pool Safety Gate Hardware

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under 5.

This is why D&D Technologies have innovated the worlds best swimming pool gate locks. Including such advancements as out of reach release mechanisms, key systems, visual locking indicators, magnetic safety latching, sensors to give both audio and visual alarms. 

Our swimming pool safety gate locks can be easily installed to almost any gate without the need for specialty tools. Adjustment is easy and the swimming pool gate hardware is designed to be durable and long lasting.

The swimming pool gate safety locks meet international safety standards and have won awards for their contributions to child swimming pool safety across the world.

Our Quality Assurance

All of the gate locks, latches, gate hardware, hinges, swimming pool safety gate locking systems and accessories are designed and built to last, using rust-free high-tech engineering polymers and stainless steel components ensuring an unsurpassed level of durability and reliability in the Canadian gate hardware industry.

Rigorous testing programs ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality, enabling us to back them and provide our customers with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

TCI Distributing Supports

TCI Distributing is a proud supporter of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. A North American organization which supports the reduction of accidental drownings through the use of safety technology and education.

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